According to the Association of certificated   Fraud examiners (acfe) the average fraud and embezzlement damage in the organization is estimated at 5% of the annual activity cycle. Moreover:

  • $ 175,000 is the average damage done to an organization as a result of embezzlement.
  • In organizations where there were controls and fraud later discovered, the damage was third from organizations where there were no controls
  • Companies with fewer than 100 employees crash when fraud is committed

Understanding that this statistic requires professional and proactive care that will help reduce and prevent loss of the organization on the one hand and its business growth on the other, Delta provides professional and effective service to customers in the business sector, organizations and companies with an emphasis on responding to the changing customer needs. Delta offers a range of information and polygraph diagnostic solutions, fraud and embezzlement risk detection, process control, employee reliability management and loss prevention using unique work methodologies, all with the aim of reducing exposure to risks, scams and embezzlements on the way to increase the organization's profit line. Delta has the best professionals in the field, who have many years of education, training and experience in the field of investigations, intelligence, information diagnosis, polygraph and fraud prevention.

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Fraud and embezzlement risk survey

Delta provides review and audit services for the organization's existing work processes, from procurement to sales and service processes, including recruitment and trust procedures, collection, contracting with suppliers, physical information security and privacy protection, information leakage and logistics, all in order to find out and prevent fraud, Embezzlement and loss.  Delta accompanies and advises corporate owners, organizations and senior executives with an emphasis on control methodologies which, on the one hand, are a practical and effective solution for risk prevention and, on the other hand, do not hinder the work processes.

Employee reliability management

In the context of preventing embezzlement and fraud in the organization, an integral part of the credibility procedure performed for applicants for admission to the workplace seeks to identify, in advance, the risks to which the organization may be exposed in connection with unreliable parties.The human factor is that it can bring about the growth of the organization, but also the one that may cause it to collapse, the human factor and the risk of its unreliability consist of many criteria that can be divided into three subcategories, each of which may produce a risk and all three together make up the degree of dependability:

  • Personal Level: Candidate's past, degree of credibility, addictions, criminal past in general and criminal past in the particular field, authenticity of his resume, financial difficulties, and the like.
  • Candidate Environment: The degree of the candidate's relationship to crime, relatives and friends who have severe gambling, drug or alcohol addictions, contact with employees in competing companies, and so on.
  • Role: What is the level of risk and exposure that exists in the position to which the candidate is intended.

As part of the fraud prevention audit in the organization's processes, a survey is conducted on the level of exposure and risk in each position and position. The test is performed by reviewing jobs, responsibilities, privileges, control measures and division of responsibilities. Alongside each position, a trustworthy testing basket is required to be performed when recruiting applicants for positions so that many roles that do not pose a high risk to the organization will benefit from a matching trustworthiness test basket, and, on the other hand, high-sensitivity roles will require a different trustworthiness test that matches the risk inherent in the role.

criminal history, serious financial problems, contact with competitors, receive recommendation reviews, resume authenticity.

conducted by answering a questionnaire to detect unusual findings.

for a Candidate, an interview conducted by an expert to obtain an opinion on the credibility of the candidate.

 for a job candidate, during the job and in the role transitions.

Reliability assessments, including investigations, questionnaires, background checks, polygraph tests and opinion reviews are carried out by experts with extensive experience in the field of security screening in the business sector.

Polygraph Institute:

Delta Polygraph Institute provides information diagnostic and polygraph testing services nationwide and overseas, both in the company's and client's offices. The Polygraph Institute provides services to the courts, attorneys, investigative offices, investigative audit firms, organizations and business companies and private clients.

  • Polygraph tests for job candidates.
  • Periodic polygraph testing for employees.
  • Specific polygraph tests.
  • Polygraph examinations within legal proceedings
  • Polygraph tests on sexual harassment.
  • Polygraph examination to examine claims in a business dispute.
  • Polygraph examination as part of compensation claims
  • Polygraph tests on information leaks.
  • Polygraph examinations as part of investigations.
  • Private polygraph examination for suspicion
  • Polygraph examination to diagnose each event and extract information.

The polygraph tests are carried out by a polygraph expert with legal education with many years of experience in both information analysis and investigations.

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